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Aqua Clear

Water clarifier for freshwater aquariums and fish ponds
Safe for all freshwater creatures
125 - 500ml

Aqua clear - water clarifier clears the haziness of freshwater aquariums and
fish ponds. Makes the water crystal clear. Prevents algae growth and water
from smelling bad. Active inorganic molecules in the ingredients bonds with
the organic molecules in the water and make them either sink to the bottom of
the aquarium or make them collected in the filters.

Add between 1 and 5 ml for every 100 liters. A white cloud could form first but clarity will occur in a short time. It could take up to 8 hours to affect completely. Use once a week when there is a smell and haziness in the water. 125 ml is enough for 2.500 liters. Don't overdose. It could make the water hazy. In this case make a water change.

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