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Carbonate Plus

kH and pH buffer
For all aquariums
125 - 500ml

Raises kh and pH to the desired level in reef, marine and freshwater aquariums. 9 -12 kh and 8 - 8.5 ph are recommended for reef aquariums, 10 - 14 kh and 8 - 9.5 ph for cichlid aquariums. You can use it with reef basis minerals in reef aquariums and liquid mineral salt in cichlid aquariums to keep kh and ph balanced.

Do not pour this additive into the aquarium at the same time with other additives. When you add 2 ml per day to 100 lt aquarium, it will increase the alkanity by 0.2 dkh. Determine the dose needed with weekly measurements. Do not increase more than 1 dkh per day. Safe for sensitive reef creatures. It can be diluted with 3 times the puried water and connected to the dosage pump. One liter provides an increase of 8,800 dkh.

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