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Flora Multi NPK

Macro elements for plants
Balanced nitrate, phosphate and potassium mixture
For planted aquariums
125 - 500ml

A balanced mixture of nitrate, phosphate and potassium elements necessary for healthy growth and coloring of freshwater aquarium plants. Accelerates the growth. Gives vitalty and fullness to stems and leaves. Does not hurt the aquarium creatures.

For plant aquariums with high support, CO2 and high light: add 5 ml to 100 liters every day. For plant aquariums without CO2 support and low light: add 1 ml to 100 liters everyday. %30-50 water change every week is suggested. In each liter of the mixture there are 50 grams of nitrate, 2 grams of phosphate, 30 grams of potassium.

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