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Flora Multi Trace

Balanced mixture of trace elements required for plants
For planted aquariums
125 - 500ml

A balanced mixture of trace elments necessary for healthy growth and coloring of freshwater aquarium plants. Increases rooting and intake of minerals in the water with the the natural acids in its content. Use with Crystalpro Flora Multi NPK for fast growing colorful plants.

For plant aquariums with high support, CO2 and high light: add 7 ml to 100 liters aquarium once or twice a week. For plant aquariums without CO2 support and low light: add 2 ml to 100 liters once or twice a week. Does not have any harmful effects unless it is overdosed. Safe for shrimp and crustaceans. Contains magnesium, calcium, sulphate, sodium, iron, boron, manganese, zinc, copper, molybdenium, cobalt, nickel, ascorbic acid, citric acid and purfied water. Does not contain nitrate, phosphate and potassium

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