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Nitrate Plus

Concentrated nitrate supplement
125 - 500ml

A concentrated solution of nitrate mineral, one of the main nutrients required for aquarium plants. Provides fast and healthy growth of plants and revitalzes their colors.

Add 5 ml to 100 liters once or twice a week. Every 5 ml adds 3.75 ppm nitrate and 2.4 ppm potassium to 100 liters. Dose can be increased in densely planted aquariums. Approximately 15 drops is 1ml one cap is 7ml. Recommended nitrate level is 5-10 ppm. Does not have any harmful effects unless it is overdosed. Safe for shrimp and crustaceans.
Every liter contains 75.000 ppm nitrate and 48.000 ppm potassium. NPK (15-0-40)

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