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Fungus and bacteria cure
For fin melting, white thrust on the gills, skin and mouth
Freshwater and salt water fish
125 - 500ml

Water conditioning liquid against bacteria and fungi in freshwater and saltwater fish. Suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquarium fish. Fish that newly bought or showing symptoms of disease such as fin melting, white thrush on the gills, skin and mouth is taken to a quarantine tank. The temperature is increased a few degrees. The water is well aerated. During the use of nitrozone lighting should be reduced, filters should be turned off for two hours. Fish eat the particles in the additive and it effects problems in their internal organs positively too. Add 5 ml to 20 liters for 3 - 4 days. Could be added up to 10 ml according to the fish number and disease condition. Renew the aquarium filters after the application. Add 5 ml to 20 liters once a month for protection. Do not overdose. Can have harmful effects to corals, crustaceans and shrimps.

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