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Reef Carbon

Bacteria Food-Nitrate and Phospate Remover
For all aquariums
125 - 500ml

A natural and unique carbon source and bacterial nutrient specially formulated for reef, marine and freshwater aquariums. Consists of three basic organic compounds. These compounds are easily converted into energy by bacteria and photosynthetic corals. During this cycle, nitrate and phosphate in the aquarium water rapidly decrease. Algae problem gets eliminated. It makes the water clear and helps the corals to grow fast.

In the first week, add 1 ml to 100 liters daily. In the second week, add 2 ml daily. Continue with 3 ml in the following weeks. Meanwhile, measure the weekly phosphate level. When the phosphate level drops to zero, increase the dose to 1 ml. Do not overdose. It is recommended to spread the dose over the days. Safe for sensitive reef creatures.

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