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Mix Bed Resin

Resin Clear

Resin clear; It is a mix-bed ion exchange resin that works extremely fast and effectively. Allows to achieve zero TDS in Ro treatment systems. It softens the water by binding minerals such as silicate and calcium that give hardness in freshwater aquariums. Once regenerated, it can be reused in the aquarium. Can't be regenerated for Ro treatment, It should be replaced with a new one.

Although it depends on the living load, 500 ml is sufficient for a 500 liter freshwater aquarium. Place it in the net, in the sump or in the section where there is water flow in the filter. If the hardness of the aquarium water starts to rise, regenerate it or replace it with a new one. To regenerate, soak in 10% saline for one hour and then wash. Doing this process several times gives better results.

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