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Bacto Feed

Uniqe bacteria food
Freshwater and salt water
125 - 500ml

Unique bacteria food specially formulated for marine, reef and freshwater aquariums. Composed entirely of organic compounds. These compounds easily turned to energy by bacteria. During this cycle nitrate and phospate in the water drops rapidly. Algae formation is prevented. Ensures rapid settlement of biological balance in installation and provides healthy water clarity in continuous use. Safe for all aquarium creatures. Densely pored filters are required for the bacteria to reproduce. Filters should work constantly and water circulation should be enough.

Add 1 ml to 100 liters everyday for the first week. Add 2 ml for the second week and continue with 3 ml after the second week. Aerate the water well. Do not overdose. In overdose, turbidity may occur in the water. It is temporary. Ventilate the water well and provide oxygen intake. If clarity does not occur after 24 hours, make a water change.

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