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Coral Milk

Liquid Coral Skeleton Extract Special to Reef Aquariums
Rich Mineral Resource
Coral Food
125 - 500ml

Coral milk is obtained by processing the coral skeleton extracted from tropical seas with an organic carbon source. It is an excellent coral food in ionic balance. Contains macro and micro minerals needed by sps, lps and soft corals. It has all the trace elements in the coral skeleton as well as calcium, magnesium, potassium and strontium. Thanks to its rich carbon source, provides the energy that corals need for the rapid development. Does not affect Kh and Ph. Helps to remove phosphate and nitrate and prevent algae. Dissolves quickly in the aquarium. It can be used as an alternative or support to the calcium reactor

Initially, it forms a white cloud in the water, but quickly melts and the water clarifier. Add 2ml per day to 100 liters. You can increase the dose according to the coral growth. Do not add more than 5ml per 100 liters per day. 5ml adds 1.25ppm calcium to 100 liters.

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