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White spot and parasite cure
For freshwater and saltwater
125 - 500ml

Spotex is a liquid water conditioner additive effective against white spots and other parasites in freshwater and saltwater fish. Add 1ml on day 1 and day 3 for every 40 liters.
Usage: Aerate the water well, keep feeding the fish, turn the ligths off, don't reduce the water too much, don't use active carbon and UV lamps and increase the water temperature 2-3 C°. In very severe cases the same amount could be used at the fifth and seventh days. At the end of day 7 and the day after that the water should be changed.

Active carbon could be used to clean the water completely. Shake well before using. Add to the aquarium directly. Make the application at a seperate quarantine tank if possible. Do not overdose. Its harmful for the invertebrates and crustaceans, safe for plants. Might cause fabrics and aquarium silicone to turn blue, use with caution.

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